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Reducing Risk and Cutting Costs

Renting and purchasing options available 


Automated Flagger Assistance Device AF-100

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Get your workers off the road! The Automated Flagger Assistance Device is designed to increase safety and reduce the cost of any project!

By merging traffic control with modern technology, we are able to provide a safer way to guide traffic through work zones. Continue reading to see how this will benefit your company!​

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Easy to Use 

Remote Pendants help keep work zones flowing. These simple designs allow for little error when working roadside or from a safe distance. 

Features include: 

- Zone Intrusion Warning Horn 

- Solar Panel for Battery Recharge

- Simple Control Panel and Remote

- And More!

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Flaggers can utilize one unit with an easy-to-use remote that can be run by a single user from one end of the work zone, or eliminate risk completely by operating two units remotely from a safe location away from the road! 

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Easy Towing

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'Nested' towing makes transporting multiple units as simple as possible. This sleek design cuts back on the need for additional vehicles, and tows so easily you won't be able to tell you are pulling two separate units!

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Synergy Tech 1.jpg


Special Projects

Infrastructure Construction

Civil Engineering

Landscape Construction

And More

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