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Project Management 

W.D. Wright Contracting, Inc. provides project and construction management (PM) services on various types of projects. Our PM engagement allows us to collaborate cross-functionally with all stakeholders and owners from the earliest stages of a project to oversee and expedite the entire delivery process. Utilizing our PM services allows us to coordinate resources and scheduling, direct all subcontractor activities, assist in equipment requirements and material purchases, as well as deliver quality control, maintain a strong jobsite safety culture and provide on-site supervision.

Our Project Managers pre-field the worksites, track daily progress, communicate weekly summary reports, and are fully engaged throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

  • Secure necessary bonding, NTP approvals, and required permitting for site work

  • Ensure the most economical and best construction practices are utilized

  • Safeguard quality construction standards and adherence to project specifications.

We can fully assist you with any design-build projects and help you develop a clear scope with defined timelines for successful construction and completion of your plan.

Ask us how we can assist you with your next project!

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